Discussion Questions: February 12, 2017


Jossy Chacko, the president of Empart International, shared with us today how losing Jesus somewhere along the way is not just a story we read about Mary and Joseph in the gospel of Luke—it is a threat that faces believers today. If you have indeed lost Him for the time being, however, don’t lose heart! Turn back and find Him again.

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Luke 2:41–43. On their way back from the annual religious festival of the Passover Feast, Mary and Joseph did not realize that their son Jesus, the Savior of the World, was missing for an entire day. Even in the midst of church activities and religious gatherings, we too can lose Jesus. Do you feel as though you too have lost Jesus somewhere along the way? What are reasons for this?
  2. Read Matthew 24:14. God does not take you to heaven right after you are baptized. What does this verse suggest is His reason for leaving us here? Are you currently partaking in this mission that He has graciously called us to be a part of? If not, why not?
  3. There are around 500 million people in Northern India who have not heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Jossy shared with us how he saw a father with his son and six month-old baby lashing themselves and offering their blood to their god. Their reasoning was that without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness of sin. Jossy also mentioned there are many people in Dallas, neighbors even, who are emotionally lashing themselves, because they do not know the salvation and love of Jesus Christ. What is your view of missions? Who are people in your family, workplace, or school who you can share the good news of Jesus Christ with?
  4. Read John 14:23 and Revelation 2:4. What is the relationship between love and obedience? Do you think there is a direct correlation? What does this tell you about the importance of maintaining your love for Jesus?
  5. Jossy talked about the temptation for Christians to confuse maintenance with mission. When we are on mission, our “car” is going somewhere, and therefore maintenance (oil changes, air in the tires, etc.) is both refreshing and necessary to keep us going. Yet how foolish it is to be consumed with maintenance and forget about the mission! Have you confused maintenance with mission? If so, how?
  6. There are many activities that we currently partake in that will continue in heaven. However, there are two things we will never get to do in heaven: 1) Share Jesus with people who don’t know Him, and 2) Offer help to broken, hurting, depressed people. Are you taking advantage of the short time God has given you to be involved in these two activities that are limited to this present life?

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