Discussion Questions: August 7, 2016

Today, JP discussed what we can learn from the first prayer of the church recorded in Acts 4:23. What do our prayers say about the nature of our faith?

Discussion Questions

  1. JP argued that the impact of the church has grown weak because we fail to pray boldly. When you consider your prayers, what are you most consistently praying for? What do your prayers say about your view of God? Your faith?
  2. According to JP, what are the 3 elements of prayer that lead to revival within the church?
  3. Do your prayers reflect a correct understanding of who God is? A deep trust in His sovereignty?
  4. Do your prayers reflect an understanding of God's Word and will? What does it mean to pray according to God's will? According to a biblical worldview?
  5. Do your prayers reflect a boldness to carry out His will? What does it mean to live with a bold faith?

Below you will find the image that JP shared in today's message.

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