Preschool Activities for Our Annual “Bible Bowl”: Starting Blocks Playbook for August 10

bible-bowl-preschool-activitiesOne of the greatest joys of working in children’s ministry is hearing kids recite God’s Word by memory.  This knowledge of Scripture creates an amazing foundation of truth that will benefit them for years to come.  Have fun with your preschoolers this week reviewing the twelve verses they learned over the course of the last year in Starting Blocks.  Memorize a few yourself as you help them.  It will benefit you, too!

HIGHLIGHTS from Sunday…

 This week your child had the chance to review all Bible verses he/she learned this year in Starting Blocks. Below are some ideas of how you can help your child continue to practice these verses at home and commit them to memory.

Memory Verses:

Genesis 1:1; Psalm 18:30; Joshua 1:9; Psalm 119:105; John 3:16; Matthew 19:14; Psalm 139:14; Romans 5:8; Psalm 107:1; John 14:6; Matthew 22:37, 39; Jeremiah 33:3

Here are all our memory verse songs for the year for you to download, sing and memorize as a family!

Say it …

  • Be creative with the different ways to say the memory verse together.  Say it softly then louder and louder. Say it sitting down, then kneeling and last say it standing up.
  • Identify key words in the verse and create a motion that links each key word and teaches it to your child.  So when he says the verse and comes to the key word, he does the motion with his body.

Craft it …

  • Write out the verses on legal size paper (one verse per sheet) leave an inch or two around the edge and let your child decorate it.  Seal the paper with contact paper so your child can use it as a placemat.  Continue until you have a placemat for each verse.

 Game it …

  • Using the verse ring sent home with your child from Sunday, take the verses off the ring and hide them around the house.  As your child finds the verses, say them together and put them back on the ring.  Do it again, but this time let your child hide them.
  • Turn the music on, dance and sing with your child.  Periodically stop the music and have your child “freeze” and say one of his memory verses.
  • Using a large bucket of sand or just your sand box, bury the memory verse cards from the verse ring and have your child dig for the cards and once he finds one have him repeat the verse.

 Share it …

  • As a family, share in memorizing these verses.  Choose several verses and during dinner time this week practice these verses.  Talk as a family about what the verse means and how they would apply it.  Say it all together, then go around the table with each family member saying one word until you’ve said the whole verse.
  • Help your child think of someone in his life who would benefit from hearing the verses he is memorizing (a neighbor, family member or friend).  Make a goal to share a verse from memory with that person during this week.

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