Because of Who God Is, We Can Have Courage

What is the scariest storm you remember? Maybe a thunderstorm, tornado warning, or hurricane? Regardless of life stage, storms are something we should come to expect as the result of living in a broken world. When faced on our own, storms can quickly become terrifying and overwhelming. But because of who God is, we can have courage even in the midst of our scariest storms. It doesn’t mean our fear is 100% wiped away. Having courage means being brave (in the midst of our fear) because God is with us.

COURAGE: Being brave because God is with me

MEMORY VERSE: This is my command- be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 (NLT)

This Week’s Finish Line: Because of who God is, we can have courage.

In Acts 27, we read an incredible story about Paul’s journey to Rome after he was arrested. The Roman soldiers on board decided, against Paul’s advice, to sail to another harbor on the other side of the closest island, even though the weather was getting bad. A huge storm came up and blew them off course. For many days and nights, they fought against the storm, trying to save the ship and everyone onboard. Paul told everyone on board to take courage! An angel of the Lord had told him that even though they would be shipwrecked, they would all make it safely through the storm. Paul said He believed God was with them, and they should too. The sailors were afraid the ship was going to hit rocks and get destroyed so they tried to escape. However, Paul told them that everyone had to stay on the ship if it was to be saved so the soldiers cut away the lifeboat. Again, Paul told everyone to have courage, trust God, and eat something to keep up their strength, and they listened. Finally, they saw land and tried to get their ship to shore safely. They ran their ship aground too soon and it started to fall apart! The soldiers were afraid the prisoners on board would try to escape, but the commanding officer didn’t allow anything bad to happen to Paul or the other prisoners. Paul knew that God is good, that He is in control, and that He always keeps His promises. Because he knew who God is, Paul had courage through the storm.

Family Questions:

READ ACTS 27:21-26

  1. What did Paul tell the people onboard? (He told them to have courage. God promised they would all survive the storm even though they would be shipwrecked.)
  2. Where did Paul have his hope and why? (His hope was in God. He knew God would always keep His promises.)
  3. What did Paul know about God? (He believed God is bigger than any storm he could experience. God is loving, good, and is always with him so there was no reason for him to be afraid.)

READ ACTS 27:41-44

  1. Did things turn out like God told Paul they would? (Yes! The ship ran aground but everyone made it safely to shore.)
  2. What do you learn about God thru this story? What is He like? What traits did He show? (power, goodness, strength, love, etc.)

Bring it Home Conversations & Activities:

* Check out our vision for parents and how to use these activities each week.

Teacher: Meal Time

Review the story of Acts 27. What kind of “storms” do you experience in your life? When do you get scared or anxious? Are any of you in a “storm” now or know someone who is? How can remembering who God is give you courage during your “storms?”

Friend: Drive Time

Play the alphabet game as you drive, focusing specifically on things that are true about God. List as many as you can for each letter before moving on to the next one (all-knowing, all-powerful, awesome…beautiful, benevolent, big…compassionate, caring, comforter…etc.). If possible, have one of your kids keep a list of all the words you come up with. See if you can get through the whole alphabet!

Counselor: Bedtime

Thank God that you can have courage because of who He is. Ask Him to help you remind others of His promises when they are in the middle of a storm and in need of His courage.

Coach: Anytime

Back to school is just around the corner! Make a paper chain countdown with the number of days until school starts. On each link, write a word that describes who God is (comforter, provider, helper, awesome, compassionate, etc. – Feel free to use the list you came up with as you were playing the alphabet game in the car this week!). Tear off a link each day as you count down to school starting and spend time talking about the character trait for that day and how you can depend on God for courage this school year!


Thank God that you can have courage because of who He is. Ask Him to help you remind others of His promises when they are in the middle of a storm and in need of His courage.

Looking Ahead

Next week, we will continue learning about courage and how God is in control.

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