Three Ten Commandments Activities for Preschoolers: Starting Blocks Playbook for July 12th

Something about our sin nature does not like rules, does not like being told what to do and not do. However, when we are able to trust the heart of the one making the rule, it makes obedience easier. That is what we want from our children; we want them to trust our love for them and therefore obey our rules. The same is true with our heavenly Father. He gave us the ten commandments because He loves us. Remind your kids (and yourself) of His love behind the rules as you work through this week’s activities.

HIGHLIGHTS from Sunday…

This week your child learned that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, God’s holy mountain. God told Moses to give the law to the people to follow. The commandments are as follows: (Exodus 20)

  1. I am God. Have no other gods.
  2. Do not worship idols.
  3. The Lord’s name is holy. Use it only the right way.
  4. Keep the Lord’s Day holy.
  5. Honor your father and mother.
  6. Do not kill.
  7. Stay with your husband or your wife.
  8. Do not steal.
  9. Do not lie.
  10. Do not want your neighbor’s things.

Teaching Truth

  • God shows us the right way to live.

Memory Verse:

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” - Jeremiah 33:3 (NASB)

Here’s a simple song to help your child (and you) memorize this week’s memory verse!

3 Activities that remind us that God shows us the right way to live:

1. Find a Plaque

Take your child to a monument, park, or building with an inscribed plaque. Explain that this looks a little bit like the stone on which Moses wrote the Ten Commandments. Point out that the plaque has been outside in the sun and rain for many years. When things are written in stone, they last a long time. Talk about God’s commandments using these questions.

  1. What is a commandment? Where do we find God’s commandments?
  2. What were some of the commandments God gave Moses on Mount Sinai?
  3. Are we supposed to obey God’s rules?
  4. Will obeying God make Him love us more? (No! We don’t obey to make God love us- we obey to show God we love Him.)
  5. How do we listen to and obey God? (Read the Bible, pray, obey parents, etc.)

2. Listening Game

Give your child commands to carry out (“hug your brother”, “do a somersault”). Add in some variables that make it a little bit harder to hear, such as whispering, turning on music, or having other family members make noise. Ask them if the distractions made it hard for them to listen and obey.

3. Follow the Leader

Play follow the leader with your child using examples such as walk, jump, tip toe, turn in a circle, clap hands etc. Tell your child that Moses had to listen and obey God, just like your child is listening and obeying when he plays follow the leader with you.


Thank you, God for loving us so much that you give us rules to show us what is good for us and what makes You happy. Please help us to listen and obey.

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