2 Preschool Activities for the Story of Samuel’s Calling: Starting Blocks Playbook for November 10th

starting-blocks-samuelHave you ever wondered what it is that God has called your child to? More than just what they will do when they grow up, have you thought about the unique challenges, joys, sufferings, or purposes that God will call your little one to? Ephesians 2:10 says that long before your child was in existence, God had prepared the good works that He would call them to as a part of their unique design.

The story of Samuel provides a wonderful framework for helping our children grow in trusting God’s voice and His Word so that they might respond in obedience as Samuel did. Take advantage of this simple story to teach your children that God has spoken to us through His Word and that we can trust and obey Him when He calls to us.

HIGHLIGHTS from Sunday…

This week we learned about Samuel. Samuel lived with Eli the priest because his mother, Hannah promised the Lord that she would give her son to Him. One night while Samuel and Eli were sleeping, Samuel heard a voice. He responded to Eli, but Eli told him he did not call and to go back to bed. Again Samuel heard the voice call him and he ran to Eli. But Eli again said he did not call him and to go back to bed. Samuel heard the voice a third time. This time Samuel said, “Yes, Lord, I am listening.” Like Samuel, God wants us to listen and obey. God told Samuel all the things He was about to do. It was not easy to hear because it had to do with punishing Eli’s two sons who had been very disobedient. When Eli woke up the next morning he went to Samuel and wanted to know everything that God had said to him. Samuel did not want to tell Eli because it was not good news, but he knew that God wants us to listen and obey. So he did obey.

Where’s It Found?

1 Samuel 3

Teaching Truth:

  • God wants us to listen and obey.

Memory Verse:

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. “

Psalm 119:105

Here’s a simple song to help your little one (and you) memorize this month’s memory verse

2 Fun Family Activities to Remind Us to Listen and Obey

1. Act It Out

This is a fun story to act out. Review the story with your child. Tell him/her that you will act it out together—you will be the voice of both the Lord and Eli and your child will pretend to be Samuel. Start off lying down and say (in a deep voice) ― “Samuel, Samuel!” Your child will get up, walk over to (sleeping) Eli and say, ―”Eli, did you call me?” You respond (in a different voice), ―”I did not call you, Samuel. Go back to bed.” Samuel obeys. Wait a few seconds and then repeat. On the third time, when Samuel comes in to Eli’s room, Eli says to Samuel, ―”I have not been calling your name; it must be the Lord. Go back to bed and when you hear the voice again say, ‘Yes, Lord, I am listening.'” Call your child‘s name one more time and he/she will simply sit up in bed and respond with, ―”Yes, Lord, I am listening.” (Eli continues sleeping.) Ask your child (in your nor-mal voice) what happened next? His/her response should be something along the lines of, ―”Samuel obeyed God and became a great leader!” You can repeat this scenario throughout the week, even while in the car…just out of the blue say, “Samuel, Samuel!” and see how your child responds. (Switching roles is also fun!).  Here’s some questions to talk about afterwards.

  • Do you think it was hard for Samuel to obey what God told him to do?
  • Are there things that Mommy and Daddy ask you to do that you don’t want to do sometimes?
  • Even if we don’t want to, do we still need to obey God, even when it does not make sense to us? Is it hard to do that?

2. Follow the Leader

It’s “Follow the Leader” time! You can play this game using words or actions. Have your child either do what your say, or follow your exact actions. After playing the game, talk about how Samuel obeyed everything God told him to say, just like they obeyed you during the game.


God, thank you that we can listen to you. Help us obey your commands even when it is hard for us. Amen.

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