Baptisms At Watermark

Sundays, 10:30 am, The Pond at the Dallas Campus

People who have found new life through a personal relationship with Christ have the opportunity to take the next step of obedience by being baptized Sundays at 10:30 am. Baptism is a public profession of a believer’s faith in Christ – an outward expression of inner spiritual change. (Matthew 10:32) Meet us at the pond (Dallas Campus) and celebrate as believers share stories of life change and publicly declare the hope they have found in Christ.

How to Get Baptized

Baptisms happen year-round at Watermark, and we’d love for you to take part. We invite you to complete the three steps below as you consider being baptized.

  1. Learn more about what God’s Word says about baptism by watching the video below.
  2. Read What We Believe About Baptism and find out more about why, when, and how a believer should be baptized.
  3. Share your story by completing a Baptism Info Sheet. This will help us know how to serve you best.

For more information or to pursue being baptized at Watermark, please email

What about the Annual Watermark Baptism Celebration?

We still plan to have a once-a-year celebration for those seeking to be baptized. But we don’t want you to wait if you desire to be baptized before then.

Why Get Baptized? Watch JP's Baptism Story

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