Our Name and History

The Meaning Behind Our Name

People are drawn to authenticity. A watermark is a symbol of authenticity. We want to be an authentic people known for our transparency, integrity and sincerity of heart. We want to serve Christ together by creating an environment that allows others to be who they are as they are first introduced to and then grow into the image of Jesus Christ. When people know us well (hold us up to the light of time and intimacy), we want them to say “this is a group of people with a sincere faith and an authentic relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ.”

Excellence honors God and inspires people. A watermark is a symbol of quality or excellence. Cheap paper does not have a watermark. You expect quality and a commitment to excellence when you see a watermark. We want to be known as a body committed to excellence because we believe our Lord, and those He has left us here to serve, are both worthy of the best we can offer.

The continual presence of water at a certain level leaves a mark long after it is gone. Similarly, it is our passion that long after we are gone evidence that we, God’s people, have been here will remain.

When people ask, “Why are you called Watermark?” we have an opportunity to share:

  • Our heart;
  • How we believe the Lord intends to use us;
  • How we want to live in response to His great love.


The major events leading up to the founding of Watermark Community Church are as follows:

  • In the summer of 1998, a group of friends began to meet and consider what it would look like if they prayerfully pursued a life of faithfulness to scriptures as they devoted their lives to Christ together in Dallas.
  • As they prayed and studied God’s Word, it became increasingly clear that the best way to accomplish God’s purposes for them was through the formation of a new local gathering of God’s people.
  • After months of prayer, planning and agreement on purpose and values, the core group grew from eight families to dozens more. On October 30, 1999, 150 prayerful, passionate people covenanted together to serve Christ and His purposes in Dallas as Watermark Community Church. They spent their first evening together discussing, praying over and agreeing that the beliefs, purposes and values in the following pages would guide them to be faithful servants of Christ’s purposes in their city.
  • On November 7, 1999, Watermark Community Church held its first corporate gathering and began intentionally ministering to the unchurched, dechurched, dead-churched and unmoved.