Welcome to Watermark

We are a church that calls all people to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

We want to be a church where:
  • Members passionately, whole-heartedly, recklessly pursue full devotion to Christ
  • Those who are hurting can easily connect with life-changing community
  • Everyone has access to teaching that transforms
  • Authentic, selfless people - individuals whose very lives demand belief in the existence and power of God - are actively discovering, developing and deploying their gifts and resources for the Lord.

Many people have asked why we are called Watermark Community Church?

A watermark is an impression made on a piece of paper or currency that is visible when it is held up to the light.

It is a symbol of authenticity. It lets people know they are not dealing with something that is counterfeit.  We want to be authentic people who are known for their transparency, integrity and sincerity of heart. We want to serve Christ together by creating an environment that allows others to be who they are, as they are and then grow into the image of Jesus Christ. When people know us well, (hold us up to the light of time and intimacy), we want them to say "there is a group of people with a sincere faith and an authentic relationship with each other and Jesus Christ." People are drawn to authenticity.

It is a symbol of quality or excellence. You do not buy cheap paper with a watermark on it. You expect quality and a commitment to excellence when you see a watermark. We want to be known as a body committed to excellence because we believe our Lord, and those He has left us here to serve, are worthy of the best we can offer. Excellence honors God and inspires people.

A watermark is a mark showing the height to which water has risen in a flood or during high / low tide.

The continual presence of water at a certain level leaves a mark long after it is gone. Similarly, it is our passion that long after we are gone evidence that we, God's people, have been here will remain. We hope you will join us as we seek to make a lasting impression for Christ in Dallas and in the world.

Find out more about what we believe, our vision and our values. Click here for services times and other information. You can also download our full doctrinal statment, beliefs and positions, history, background, calling of elders, staff, responsiblities and convictions as followers of Jesus Christ. 

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